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The city of Chalus was in the distant past of Salus or Shalos, and there were also two other small towns, Kebira and Keche Iran Tourism , around them. Some geological scholars&nb

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The city of Chalus was in the distant past of Salus or Shalos, and there were also two other small towns, Kebira and Keche Iran Tourism , around them. Some geological scholars have considered Chalus as one of the villages of Tabarestan. Prince Mohammad Bin Owais domination of the Arab Caliphs to rule on the order of Caliph Mu'tasim Branch was appointed. Mohammed Bin Owais settled in Royan (part of Tabaristan) and assigned his son Ahmad to the Chalous state Chaloos TownDuring the attack, Amir Timur was destroyed and then, for centuries, turned into a small village. In the first decade of the current century (1310), with the support of the government, it slowly began to be organized as an organized city, and today it has become a beautiful city with many opportunities for tourism. They say about the sign of this city because the section is seen at a lower elevation. And that's why they called it "Chalons" or "Chalhas" that were gradually renamed Charles and Chalous . Chalus is located in the western part of Mazandaran province on the coast of the Caspian Sea and has a history of abundance and is famous for its evergreen agate for its greenery and beauty. This city is from Caspian Sea, south of Bastaistan of Tehran and from west to Tonekabon city and East to Noshahr city.It has an area of ​​2800 square kilometers and has a population of 150 thousand and has more than 100 villages. According to archaeological findings, the history of the oldest inhabitants of this city in Kelardashtreaches the millennium BC. The dialect is dominated by the inhabitants of this Persian city. Chalus weather is variable and humid as in other parts of Mazandaran and Gilan , and the temperature of the air varies from 25 to 36 in the summer and 5 to 12 degrees Celsius in the winter, and therefore the air temperature in this city is not too hot or too cold. The Chalus heights are often covered with blooms, and the cold of Bahman month is more than any other month more than the other months of the year in Chalus, and the heat of July to the first half of August. The city's major tourist attractions include Chaykhoran Palace,Ajabyt House , Lake Valasht , countryside GPS , Forest Park Finn , Cable Car Namakabroud and hotel Caspian Corp is. Chalous hotels embrace travelers and tourists from the Caspian coast.

Chalous Metal Bridge : This bridge, located in the city center over the Chalus River, began its construction in 1311 and began its operation in 1312. The length of the bridge is 200 meters and the width of the Bajan Pass is 6,5 meters. Its metal part has a spring of 68.5 meters in length. The metal fittings are fully riveting and decorative. The two sides of the bridge are lined with luminaries and statues of cement taps. 

Akapel Falls: This waterfall is located in the cool mountain range of Chal Kardashht , with its magnificent landscape and scenery. The proximity of this waterfall with the Kelardasht meteorites and the natural beauty of the Vulzh Lake also enhances the livelihood. 



Harijan Waterfall: The waterfall above the village of the same name near the ghat road Hzarchm in Tehran Branch were more than nine meters high and one of the most beautiful Alborz mountain waterfalls. The waterfall is abundant in water, high and shallow, and mountainous views, gardens and gardens ranging from rocky mountains to special slopes and down into numerous waterfalls. 
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